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Aircraft operators offering intra-EU flights have to pay for their carbon emissions for the first time in 2013 under the European Union’s European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

The new regulations create a significant compliance burden for Aircraft Operators and expose Aircraft Owners to a new credit risk.

The picture is further complicated by the fact that the regulations may be extended to international flights arriving or departing Europe from January 2014 and many European jurisdictions have adopted different EU-ETS criteria.

The EU ETS regulations are compulsory and operators offering intra-EU flights who fail to fail to meet them can face operational penalties as well as heavy fixed and daily fines.

AVOCET has designed a range of services to meet the needs Aircraft Operators and Airfinance Providers in complying with and managing the risks of the new system:

Services for Aircraft Operators Services for Aircraft Owners
EU ETS Compliance Service EU ETS advisory and risk mitigation
EU ETS Management Service ETS credit risk management
Aviation Carbon Trading